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The Pathway of Pride

Initially built in the mid 1980's, the Pathway of Pride has performed many functions over the years. In addition to creating a unique entrance to the Stadium Complex, the Pathway has been used as both a fund-raiser for special projects and as a way of paying respect and/or recognition to those who have made living in the Lake community so special for so many years. Over the years, the Pathway has been expanded to acknowledge Contributors for major renovations, such as the new All-Weather Track Project at the east end of the walk. There is a section on the west side of the ticket booth acknowledging all the members of the Lake Athletic Hall of Fame and a section on the east side of the ticket booth noting the major projects completed by the Lake Athletic Booster Club.

To fully appreciate the Pathway, one must spend some time surveying the individual bricks that make up this unique walkway. You will find everything from Moms and Dads noting the accomplishments of their children to bricks of remembrance, reminding us of those who have passed before us. The designs are unique and the inscriptions are original to say the least. The common thread in all of them are the passion for the school, the Lake community and all the people in it.

With nearly 10,000 total bricks in the Pathway, the actual percentage of engraved bricks is quite small, leaving much room to "grow" for many years to come. Bricks can only be obtained by joining the booster club. We accept the brick order forms until December 31st of that year and then install them the following spring. You can join the booster club by printing out the membership form below and sending it in with payment. For each symbol, please add $10. The available symbols are listed in the links below.

Membership Form

4x8 Paver Order Form

8x8 Paver Order Form

Paver Symbols (additional $10 per Symbol)