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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there a need for an Athletic Booster Club at all? Doesn't the school pay for everything that the student athletes need?

Tax dollars that eventually end up in the Athletic Department's annual budget comprise a very small portion of the department's needs, generally less than 1/2 of 1%. These tax dollars are used to cover transportation costs and coaching stipends.

All of the operationing expenses and equipment purchases are self-funded by the athletic department.

2. How does the Club decide which sports receive this "additional" funding?

All student/athletes, regardless of sport, are a factor in calculating the annual funding. Once the projected total number of athletes for a given year is determined, a "per/athlete" dollar figure is determined. This total sum of monies is then donated to the Athletic Department in installments throughout the year.

For example: In 2008-2009, there were 705 student/athletes who participated in LLSD high school sports. It was decided by a vote of the club that $40 per athlete would be donated to the Athletic department budget, for a total of $28,200. Each sport is then allotted a portion of the Booster donation based on the number of participants. Note: If an athlete participates in two sports for instance, they are counted twice.

3. How was the $40 per athlete figure determined?

This has been a figure used over the last few years, based on expected incomes from our various fund-raisers. However, as expected (or actual) income rises or falls, this "multiplier" is adjusted accordingly.

4. Who determines how these monies are spent?

The coach of each respective sport, in conjunction with the Athletic Director, decides how the monies are spent. The Boosters do not determine what purchases are made within the Athletic Departments budget.
5. What other financial contributions do the Boosters make to our student/athletes?

This list is quite extensive and varies from year-to-year. A few examples include: all corsages for all athletic-related events such as Senior Nights for the various sports; team meal money outlays for each group to be used as they wish (again funded on a per/participant basis) at the beginning of their respective seasons; scholarship awards at the end of each school year to four (4) deserving student/athletes ($1,000 per student); recognitions for outstanding team and individual athletic achievements (banners, patches, jackets, rings, plaques, etc.); sponsorship of all Lake Athletic Hall of Fame recognition and induction ceremonies. Note: this is only a partial listing.

6. When do the Boosters meet? What do you talk about? How long do they last?

The fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 PM in the Lake High School Commons area. Each meeting features discussions by various coaches of the sports in season at the time; a Secretary's Report to track activities both past, present and future; a Treasurer's Report detailing the Club's current financial standing and net profits from recent fund-raising activities; and comments from our Athletic Director. Those in attendance can get a real "feel" as to what goes on behind the scenes in many of our sports as well as advance information on all upcoming events for both the Boosters and the Athletic Department as a whole. The meetings generally conclude in one hour.

7. How do I become a member of the Lake Athletic Booster Club? Can I join now, even though the membership drive is over?

Anyone can join at any time. The application form can be found in the "Downloadable Forms" section of the website. Send the completed form along with your payment (check made out to "LABC", or provide credit card information) to:

Lake Athletic Boosters
P.O Box 1057
Hartville, OH 44632

8. As a member, is my participation in any of the Booster activities "mandatory"?

No. All activities conducted by the Boosters are voluntary, whether its simply manning a concession stand or building a press box. All members are free to determine their own levels of involvement. Just like anything else in life, you'll get out of it exactly what you put into it.